Real-time monitoring of clients margins and positions. Smart-i provides software solutions for Shares, Commodity & Currency Market.

Smart-i software having the wide range of software’s related to Stock Brokers cover the segment of Cash, FNO, Currency and Commodity Market as well as cover the process of RMS.

A partner who will keep a close watch and enable the Risk Manager at head office to monitor the positions of each and every client. This is exactly what Smart-i does for you.

Smart-i can also be deployed at Branches and Franchisees who can see the same reports but with data filtered only for their clients.


  1. Client-wise Gross Exposure
  2. Client-wise Premium
  3. Client-wise Intraday MTM
  4. Client-wise Previous Margin
  5. Client-wise Margin Difference
  6. Script-wise Margin Rates
  7. Client-wise Margin Violation
  8. Client-wise and Scrip-wise Margin (SPAN and MTM) consumed by the clients
  9. Mark-to-market Profit and Loss
  10. IVM and MTMV Bands Percentage
  11. Pay In/Out
  12. Client-wise Turnovers
  13. Client-wise and Scrip-wise Net Positions
  14. Client-wise and Scrip-wise Exposure
  15. Trading Member-wise Positions, Margins and Mark to Market Profit or Loss
  16. Client-wise Margin Short
  17. Client-wise Required Value
  18. Client-wise Mark-to-market Profit and Loss Percentage
  19. Client-wise Margin Used Percentage